Various Events In The Tricycle Association Calendar

The tricycle association ensures its members are busy throughout the year with various events and activities. The events are aimed at bringing different cyclists together and raising awareness of tricycles. The organization is is run by a committee made up of  a few independent members, regional secretaries and national officers. Each region has a secretary, a captain and a small committee to organize the regional activities.

Events In The Tricycle Association

Some of the Activities Include:

  • National dinner and award presentation

This event aims at bringing togetherness within the organization. Different members get to meet and socialize. Small competitions are also involved. After that a prize giving ceremony is held to honor the outstanding members.

  • National annual general meetings

This is when all the agendas concerning the association are discussed. All the group members meet and brain storm over various issues and come up with the way forward. As much as there is a committee in charge of handling the organization’s affairs; the annual general meeting is still important. It aims at bringing all the members up to par with the details of the organization.

  • Regular Luncheons and award presentation

This is done at the regional level. The cyclists gather together and take part in various activities. For example there are social rides held every winter season. The aim is to promote the local businesses especially eateries and hotels. They also provide transport since the roads are quite slippery.

Camping In The Tricycle Association

  • Camping during summer

The most famous spot is “burrow” lane. The cyclist camp at the burrow lane is meant to raise awareness of their association and it is also a great way to socialize with other cyclists.

  • Racing and Time trialing

These are events that are held all year round. The advantage is all members get to participate. The ones not racing help in other activities such as preparing snacks. After the race, all tricycle riders submit a record of their mileage coverage on the ANNUAL TRICYCLE MILEAGE AWARDS form. The organizer later issues certificates to the participants.

 Events In The Tricycle Association

  • The tricycle association has in the past participated in many successful events such as;
  • The international weekend held in France and Belgium,
  • The October cycling festival held on 2010,
  • The international tricycle challenge held in Kent in 2013

The various events also need sponsors and Forex has been one of the main sponsors. The events calendar is always full at any time of the year and this enables the cyclists to engage more with other members and keep the organization active.