All You Need To Know About The Tricycle Association Membership

The tricycle association is an organization that was formed to connect all cyclists throughout the world. It mainly focuses on tricycles. It was started in the United Kingdom but has grown to accommodate members from everywhere. Becoming a member is easy. It involves;

Filling a membership application form and paying the joining fee and also the annual subscription. The membership forms are easily accessible online. The membership fee is categorized into different sections. There is the individual membership, family membership and the registration fee for every new member. The registration fee is only paid once but the other two have to be renewed each year. The full membership costs 13.55 dollars per year, the family membership costs 6.78 dollars per year and the registration fee is 4.07 dollars.

The tricycle association

There are Four Payment Methods;

  • Standing order
  • A valid cheque to the organization’s treasurer
  • cash payments to any officer of the organization
  • Direct transfer to the organization’s bank account.

The complete membership form must then be emailed to the National Treasurer. In case you are not able to email, you can still post it.

The association offers numerous benefits to its members; whether overseas or within the UK region, the benefits are the same. Some of the benefits include;

  • Ability to choose your preferred region to join
  • A printed copy of the organizations handbook
  • Access to all the events held by the association
  • You can also bring your friends and family members to the event
  • Take part in charity events organized by the association
  • Meet and socialize with different people from different regions
  • Get a chance to appear in the quarterly published gazette
  • Free chance to advertise on the gazette.
  • You don’t need to own a tricycle to join.

Membership renewals are done every year from January to the last date of February. The payments methods used for registering still apply for membership renewals. Any payments not done by March 1st will automatically lead to the termination of membership.

The subscription rates and joining fee may vary each year. The treasurer and the members present always discuss and come up with the fees during each annual general meeting.

The tricycle association is a renowned association. It was formed in 1928 and has been there for more than 80 years. According to the association, more overseas members are joining. This is a positive indication of how many people are aware of the existence of the organization and its goals and values. Registering for the association is not a difficult task.