Different Types of Tricycles

Tricycles can easily be categorized based on the wheel configuration and the general outlook. Most people are only aware of the the basic structure of a tricycle. That is a 3 wheeled vehicle that is human powered. However, after the discovery of the tricycle, many modifications have been made. This article will highlight the different types of tricycles.

  1. Freight Trike

    Freight Trike

It is designed to facilitate easy carrying of loads. It normally has a storage box mounted between the front or  rear wheels. The center of gravity is low to ensure stability. It can carry a lot of weight compared to the ordinary bicycle therefore extra low gears are included in its manufacturing. Some of its major uses include;

  • Vending food such as hot dogs and ice cream.
  • Used for transporting light cargo in the airport.
  • Mail services.
  • Used by various companies for delivery services.
  • Transporting children to and from school.

  1. Tricycle Rickshaw

    Tricycle Rickshaw

They are mostly used for transport services. They have the basic structure of the tricycle; one wheel at the front and two rear wheels. The rear wheels are strong enough to support a carriage for passengers; mostly one or two. They also have a canopy that shelters the passengers during the rainy season. They have provided a good source of employment and income to many people in the transport industry.

  1. Recumbent Delta

Recumbent Delta

A delta is a tricycle made up of one front wheel and two rear wheels. It is called the recumbent because of the sitting position. They have higher seats that facilitate easier mounting and dismounting. However, it can only accommodate one person. It is increasingly popular though more expensive than the ordinary tricycle.

  1. Recumbent Tandem

Recumbent Tandem

This is similar to the recumbent delta only that two people can ride in it. It has a very long backbone which accommodates the weight of the extra person. The interesting part is, both riders play a role in driving it. The captain is in charge of steering while the stocker is in charge of peddling.

  1. Recumbent Tadpole

Recumbent Tadpole

The tadpole design is where by the tricycle is made up of two front wheels and one rear wheel. It is not that common but it exists. They are actually the highest performing tricycles. They have a very low center of gravity which makes them stable. They also provide some form of comfort and they are not associated with any pains compared to normal bicycles. Therefore they have found favor with former bicyclists.

Tricycles are increasing in demand every single day. With the various modifications being done, they are becoming a favorite among many people.