The Origin Of Association

Tricycles are 3 wheeled vehicles that are used for commercial or domestic purposes. It was invented by two French gentlemen in 1789. However, the rough idea about tricycles was drawn up by a disabled German man who invented a wheel chair. From there several modifications and ideas came up that eventually led to the invention of the tricycle.

History of tricycle association

First tricycle to be made

In 1876, the Coventry Lever Tricycle was made by James Starley. The tricycle was powered by hand levers. In 1881, the Leicester Safety Tricycle Company of Leicester came up with the front steering tricycle. The same manufacturers later came up with a folding tricycle.

Tricycles have gained popularity over time and are being used all over the world. In places like Asia they are used for passenger transport. They are also loved by kids because of their stability before they can learn how to ride a bicycle.

History of tricycle association

The tricycle association

The love for tricycles saw the development of the tricycle association. It is an organization that caters to all tri-cyclists over the world. The organization was formed in 1928 and it is run by a committee made up of a few independent members, regional secretaries and national officers.

The tricycle association aimed at bringing together tricyclists and raising awareness of tricycles. The organization emphasized on the major advantages of using tricycles such as ;

  • It is human powered, therefore no fuel expenses.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Great stability compared to the bicycles due to a low center of gravity.
  • It can be used for running errands such as shopping at the grocery store.
  • It is a great form of exercise, especially when cycling uphill where more effort is needed.
  • It is used for recreational purposes.
  • They can comfortably be used by ladies without worrying so much about their dress code.

History of tricycle association

The association also came up with various events that would make the organization active. It came up with a calendar of activities within the seven regions of the United Kingdom such as, day rides, racing, time trials and touring events. Each region has its own committee responsible for organizing the racing functions.

The events provided a good platform for various cyclists to meet and interact. In the past not so many people embraced tricycles and tri-cycling. Thanks to the association, a lot of information is now available. The association allows members from all over the world to register.

More than 80 years later, the organization is still active and new members are still joining every day. The association has done a lot for the growth of the tri-cyclists community.